Sunday, May 19, 2019


Nine vegetarian foods that must be added to a veg or non-veg diet!

1.       Arrow Root:
Existing in rhizomes of tropical plants,
Powder of roots contains gluten-free starch,
Can be used in place of corn starch and gelatin,
Gelatin; Oh its animal derived protein!
Thickens jellies, soups and gravies,
Ideal for weak guts and good for tummies!!

2.       Beet Root:
Lovely, blushy, red colored beet root,
Is a medicinal plant, high in sugar,
Edible tap root portion of the plant,
Keeps you away from inflammation and fever;
Full of anti-oxidants, Vitamin B6 and C,
Provides fiber, folic acid, iron, Mn and Mg free,
Low cal protein supplement,
Protects from dementia and keeps immunity strong,
Controls blood pressure,
Keeps bones, nerves, muscles tight all along!

3.       Jack Fruit:
Huge greenish, prickly fruit, tough on the outside,
Golden yellow, sweet, groovy and delicious from inside;
Raw, when cooked, delicious as meat,
Provides, protein, starch, Vitamin A, B, C and fiber fit;
Found in ample in ghats and rain forests,
Ca, Cu, K supplements, rich in the harvest.
Helps in digestion and aids in bowel movements,
Known to increase sperm counts,
Giving happy moments!

4.       Legumes:
Fruits, seeds, pulses are included in legume,
Cloves, peas, chick peas peanuts, beans in bloom;
α α, tamarind, lentil and soya beans,
All suppress appetite, a choice over meat lean!
High protein, low glycemic index, good for diabetic,
Low fat, low cal, high complex carb, fiber and folate rich!
Good for weight loss, satisfies hunger,
Increases BMR, good for pregnant mother!

5.       Mushrooms:
Agaricus bisporus, Toad stools, as they are commonly named by,
Fleshy, spore bearing fruiting bodies of gilled fungi!
Rich in Energy, Vitamins, selenium, Cu, K and water,
They are the meats of the vegetarian world!
They can be sautéed and baked and added to a meal,
Giving a rich, crispy taste and a fibery feel!

6.       Nuts and Seeds:
Though they are nuts, they really power pack nutrients in nuts and seeds,
High in fats of healthy type omega 3, ful filling human needs,
Low cal, high proteins, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol,
Just a handful keeps you healthy and fit, overall!
They can be soaked overnight to neutralize enzyme inhibitors,
Good anti-oxidants, advised in diabetes and certain cancers!
High in Vitamin E, Mg and minerals,
Seeds of hemp, flax, sesame, sunflower, shia, pumpkin,
Nuts of pea, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazel, cashews, pine!

7.       Paneer:
Paneer is the unaged, non-melting, farmers’ cottage cheese,
Made from cow or buffalo milk, curdled with lime juice,
Rich source of fats, moisture, lactose and proteins,
Used in place of meats, in many veg cuisines!
Rich in aroma, taste and different flavors,
Types depending on various types of molds and fungus,
Paneer varieties depend on milk fats and aging,
A mild milk product, garnished as per your liking!

8.       Soya Beans:
Beans of soya, high protein content and fat free,
Hard to cook, have to be first sautéed in glee,
High carbs, water, ash, rich source of minerals and vitamins,
Essential nutrients, fiber, Iron, Phosphorous and albumins;
Great substitute for animal meat,
High protein diet that vegetarians can eat!

9.       Tofu:
Bean curd or Tofu is soyabean milk paneer neat,
Soft or firm, prepared by curdling it!
It has a subtle cheesy flavor, used in savory and sweet dishes,
Low cal high protein, reducing incidences of heart diseases!
High protein, high Fe, ca and Mg, reducing cholesterol,
A cooling agent, good for spleen, detoxifies the body overall!
It contains high amount of Sulphur containing cysteine,
Good for alcohol detox, making liver clean!

Dr Jaya kurhekar,
Green Blogger