Sunday, May 5, 2019

Trees are our greatest friends!

Mango, Peepal, Holy Basil, Azadirachta indica, Ficus microcarpa give us oxygen for 24 by 7. In India, in all religious functions, mango leaves are tied everywhere in the house and twigs are burnt in holy fire. All these trees have their own benefits, which are advantageous for the mankind. They are anti-microbial, air purifiers, air-coolers and more.

We should plant more and more trees of this kind and surround ourselves with them!
In Hindu scriptures, tree cutting is a big crime!
Trees give oxygen to breathe, fruits and medicines, keep temperatures cool, support life, give wood for furniture, air for vehicles, clean the atmosphere by giving pure and cool air, absorb harmful gases and circulate various elements in the environment. 

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See their fantastic benefits!!!

Dr Jaya Kurhekar
Green Blogger