Saturday, April 6, 2019

Wishing you a very happy and green new year!

Communicating with you through Jaya’ is an absolute pleasure because it encompasses issues very close to my heart, soul and survival. This green endeavor aims at reaching all corners of the globe and spreading the message of sustaining a greener and cleaner mother earth. We have been endowed with green abundance, in various forms! We have been lucky to enjoy the mercies of mother earth. Though, slowly we have come to a stage where there is a need for an earnest pledge, a pledge to do something, maybe apparently very small in itself, but very significant in the long run, where we can conserve and preserve, what remains with us, of our environment. Each and every one of us, can contribute in our own way, towards the protection of the green treasure that we have been endowed with, in order to leave a green legacy for the generations to come!
Nature, through evolution, has taken billions of years to produce a wide diversity of plants, animals, living beings and us, humans. We really have to ask ourselves today, if we are justified, as the right species, to fabulous gifts of nature? The barest minimum requisites of human life have become things to be coveted! A breath of pure air, a drop of pure water, a morsel of pure food, have become rare luxuries.
As has been rightly said, “Green is the prime color of the world and that from which all loveliness arises”. Trees and plants have always been great friends of mankind.
What do forests bear?
Soil, water and pure air!
But isn’t this soil, air, water becoming a poison? How much ever we try to disbelieve it, it is just a tip of the poisonous iceberg deep down! Can we not, as the most intelligent species on this earth, do something about it? It is we, who have to get together and fight against this poison, which is slowly engulfing us!
I extend an earnest invitation for all the nature lovers to join our brigade of “Green Concern”! I invite you to pen down your concern, your words, comments, suggestions, about this endeavor, for dear mother earth, the ample treasure trove, she has bestowed us with and to join hands with me in my green endeavor. I will join you again with “Green ways of life, Green concepts from youngsters’ eyes, up cycling green and small everyday tips for a creative, satisfying and inspiring way of life!” A platform to ponder upon how, in my own small way, I can contribute towards conservation, preservation and propagation of nature, use the alarmingly depleting natural resources sparingly and sensibly!                                                
                                                                       Dr. Mrs. Jaya Vikas Kurhekar
Green Blogger