Sunday, May 12, 2019

Hello friends,

This is another issue, which is very close to my heart! We should not waste food! Throwing food takes only a few minutes, but bringing it to your table, in a palatable form, takes months! 
Ploughing, sowing, then plants erupting, ready crop, reaping, thrashing, cleaning and final product takes about 132 days; so also cooking takes a lot of our time! Food can be thrown in a minute, but it takes years, sometimes, to grow the food that we eat. So think twice, before throwing the food away!

Besides, there are so many deprived people on this planet, who don’t get to eat properly, twice a day; malnourished children, who die because of being deprived of proper nutritious food! On this background, we see so many people around us, who, fill up their plates in functions, without understanding their own capacity to eat and later on, throw everything left over! We should be aware of the situation we are facing, the significance of sustainable utilization of resources, before taking any such step!
Before we complain about t taste of our food, we have to think of those, who have nothing to eat!
Have a nice summer vacation, enjoy, but please don’t waste food, which is ultimately wasting of natural resources, which are fast depleting!
Dr Jaya Kurhekar,
Green Blogger