Thursday, May 2, 2019


Dr Jaya Kurhekar,
Sangli, Maharashtra,
India, Earth,
Dated: Today

Dearest Mother Earth,

Greetings and holy tribute to you! 

I am penning down my heartfelt emotions, pent up within me, for a long time now. Mother, we are all your children. You know all of us very well and I am sure, as you have always done, you will forgive all of us, for all the sins we are committing.
You are our dear mother; you have given birth to us! You are the one supporting us! We are surviving in your lap, working with your strong support, seeking solace in your embrace. You are so loving, so caring, so pure and so natural. And yet, here we are, so cruel, so inhuman and so greedy!
We rely on your oceans to provide us with abundant fish, marine flora and fauna. We depend on your forests for food, wood and medicines. We depend on your rivers, streams and lakes for water, our life line!
Our expectations and livelihoods are based on the hope and surety that you and your environment will always support us!
Sometimes I feel we are taking everything too much for granted. Your “free services and resources” are the invisible foundation that supports our societies, our economics and our endeavours. Yet, our economies are unwittingly encouraging us to misuse and destroy nature. The “free services” so graciously endowed by you are undervalued. Your most valuable goods and services like water bodies are being utilized very poorly. The worst part is that, the same activities that pollute and deplete your natural capitol, are being acclaimed and highlighted as major contributions to our economic well being!
Mother, you have been so kind to us! You have always provided us raw materials, purified and regulated our water supplies, absorbed and decomposed our wastes, cycled nutrients, created and maintained soils, provided pollination and pest control, regulated global and local climates, your gifts to us, humans, are unending!
Forests in your lap supply us timber, provide habitat for insects and birds that pollinate crops and control pests. They also resist the impact of rainfall, reducing its force, by the time it reaches the ground, decreasing the amount of soil erosion. Roots hold soil in place. Forests help in recycling, pumping, stabilizing water and climate. Oxygen, the life line of humans, is created by plants. Cutting down of trees, for use as timber, is the least profitable and least sustainable use of a forest.
Honey bees are on e of the important family members of the forests. Their service as pollinators is much more valuable than the honey they collect. Unfortunately, theses bees are being intensely exposed to pesticides and herbicides and their population is depleting rapidly.
Our indiscriminate cutting down of forests, indiscriminate use of vehicles, fertilizers, pesticides etc has irreversibly destroyed your environment, dear mother! We are now becoming aware of it and are trying to spread this message to mankind, all over the world.
We can always encourage more planting of trees and forests, which have always supported our livelihood. Harvested forest wild goods can provide food and income security. They have always been a part of our flexible and sustainable livelihood systems. Vegetables, fruits, fish, dyes, medicines, materials for weaving and thatching are all products that can provide an earning. Wild mushrooms collection, natural wood that can be woven into furniture, can provide some alternatives.
Mother, your natural ecosystems have been extensively degraded, fragmented, converted and stripped off its diversity and services. Nature’s products and valuable services are getting lost with them too. Birds, insects, worms, microorganisms, though small in size and seemingly insignificant, are of enormous values. Can you ever forgive us, for creating adverse conditions for them to thrive?
Although late, I still feel that everything is not lost! As the wise say, its better late than never!! We must support and protect our natural resources providers by protecting their habitat! Avoiding till farming methods, substantial reduction in the use of agricultural chemicals, allowing under ground economy of nature to flourish, protecting migratory routes, saving nectar corridors, creating buffer areas for trees, protecting havens of resident and migratory birds, insects and animals, reducing erosion, controlling pollution are some methods to help our helpers.
Markets can be formed and policies can be created, keeping in mind, the value of nature, maintaining the ecosystem services and processes. Ground water, the life line of human beings and all life on earth, should be appropriately valued.
In our short sighted approach, we have forgotten to look beyond us! We have the minimum moral responsibility of ensuring that our future generations will get at least the same level of nature’s services that we are enjoying today. We must take care of what legacy we leave behind us. Are we being so selfish that we can’t even think of our children? We need to change our attitudes and practices. We have to live within the carrying capacity of our supporting systems. WE have to learn that we can take from thee and thy atmosphere, only so much that we can return back to you!
O Mother Earth,
“What of thee I dig out,
Let that quickly grow over
Let me not hit thy vitals or thy heart!”
I am truly sorry for all that we have done but I also promise to make a beginning towards repairing the damage.
Always yearning for your love, my dear mother,
Yours Loving,

Mother Earth,
C/O Universe,
Milky Way.

Dr Jaya Kurhekar,
Green Blogger