Saturday, June 1, 2019


I came across news which caught my eyes and made me introspect! Why are we really playing with nature? Are we doing it for a few dimes? Is it worth it? When we enjoy nature, its color, its fragrance and its innumerable blessings, are we not responsible for keeping it safe and as it is? How many of us really think in this way?
Farming and agriculture without using any chemicals is not a new thing now. Many conscientious farmers are already seriously implementing it. A farmer in Alewa, district Jind, in Panipat, state Uttar Pradesh, a farmer Mr. Joginder Singh, for the last eight years, is reaping sugarcane, Grains, wheat, maize, vegetables along with other produce, without using any sort of sprays or chemicals. He insists that he gets the same amount of produce as others and since he uses no chemicals, gets good money for his produce.
He believes in not interfering with the nature. He wonders why, when all farmers, fifty five years back could do it, we cannot do farming without any chemicals. He himself has not used even a drop of chemical in his own farms. He states that the number of earthworms has increased and the produce hasn’t decreased too. From his own experience, he is sure that if the irrigation is proper, quality of seeds is good, timing of all agricultural procedures is proper; the produce will not be diseased. In the process of killing the harmful living beings, using chemical pesticides, we are killing the beneficial ones too. Its better not to kill even the harmful ones, than killing all of them!
He reveals his secret of good agricultural practice saying that he prepares a mixture of five liters of cow urine, five to seven liters of cow dung, one kilogram of old jaggery, 250 grams of any cereal flour, 250 grams of soil dug from below peepal or banyan tree, mixed in 200 liters of water. The mixture is gelled well in summers for three days and in winter for seven days. During irrigation period, this mixture is added to the water and provided directly to the crops, which has been proved beneficial.
He confessed attending the lectures of Dr Surendra Dalal, implementing whatever was taught there and getting very good results. Whatever knowledge he received, he practically used and got very good results. Now he is doing farming without any chemical pesticides. He is trying to motivate other farmers towards following him. A few of his followers are happy that they are saving on the expensive pesticides. They also realized that they are getting better produce and better money for their produce as organic products are more in demand!

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Dr Mrs. Jaya Vikas Kurhekar