Friday, December 27, 2019

Welcome 2020!!!

Western Maharashtra experienced one of the worst floods in August 2019. Lot was lost, including life and property. It was a result of very heavy rains, far more than those experienced in the region showing maximum rainfall in India - Cherapunji. Rainfall in Chandoli dam region and Mahabaleshwar drained down south, filling Krishna river and her tributaries to the brim, overflowing wherever and whenever possible. Horrible destruction was experienced by the affected people. Warana and Panchaganga rivers added to the misery.
Every natural crevice and space on the earth surface is occupied by microbes which are ubiquitous, found every nook and corner. Every place has its own micro flora, including water bodies. During floods, microbes from uphill were transported downhill. A lot of microbes from one place were displaced to another place. Weather conditions had changed and genetic variants of microorganisms were emerging leading to newer types of infections.  This resulted in outbreaks of diseases immediately like enteritis, colitis, allergies and hypersensitivities. Filariasis was rampant and so also malaria, dengue and chikun gunya. The genetic variants of bacteria and viruses emerged, which created havoc in terms of antibiotic resistance. All this was the result of transfer of flora and fauna during floods, the survival mechanisms of the affected species, which had its toll on human life, man hours and efficiency.
All this happened within a short span of about a month, the effects of which are still being borne by those affected. There has been natural loss of life, diseased loss, loss of cattle, suicides due to total loss of property, and many more!
Are we going to learn from this? Do we realize that ultimately we are responsible? What type of legacy are we leaving behind? It’s time to wake up, reduce consumerism, nonchalant behavior, conserve what we can, preserve whatever is remaining and march forward with a positive attitude! The learned and awaken have to awaken others, spread the message and do whatever they can, realizing the ticking hours! What other NEW YEAR resolution can we think of, in the upcoming 2020?

Dr Jaya Kurhekar

Green Blogger