Tuesday, September 22, 2020


We are a young country, with average youth population very high! Bright minds, huge man power, beautiful country, ample natural resources but..........! I have penned my thoughts, in a poetic form, see if you agree! 

India is a beautiful country,

With rich flora and fauna in bounty!

It has a rich cultural heritage,

Handed down through ancient age!

With all its colors and fragrances,

With its educational background and sciences,

Why is it taking a back foot, as yet?

It’s development not at an imagined gait?

One word instantly springs into mind,

Isn’t it the vast population, that’s being unkind?

Population can be a virtue, not a vice,

Its strength can be turned to our benefit and choice.

Population of youth, at its highest peak,

That’s India, our motherland, green and sleek!

What really needs to be done, at bay?

Population should remain united, come what may!

People have always tried to divide and rule,

We are really the ones who hand them the tool.

It’s up to us, what we want our mother to be,

Whether we want her bound, submissive or free?

Population with expertise of all kinds and level,

Can become a boon for our progress real!

Population with a mindset to bring forth innovations,

At personal, social and intellectual stations!

If all countries of the world can do good,

How can countries with rich population, be subdued?

Let’s salute our dear motherland, on that green note upright,

Let’s preserve and propagate its greenery bright!

 Dr. Jaya V. Kurhekar
Green Blogger