Wednesday, October 21, 2020

मन करा रे प्रसन्न!

During these hard times, which we faced from around March 2020 onwards, it has been an observation that those who had a positive attitude, a positive mind-set could sail through! The power of mind is tremendous! Sometimes we feel so dejected that we are on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Everything seems futile, we feel everyone and even nature is against us and it is OK if we do not exist! This stage comes in the life of every individual, sooner or later! But one, who overcomes this, with the power of mind, is a true positive person! 

It has been observed that persons with age over 90 years have emerged strongly after being affected by Corona and one of age 40 has lost to it! This, of course, may have many underlying reasons, physiological and medical conditions but definitely one of them is the will to fight and overcome! 

Someone has troubled you, mentally and physically, the wound remains! The person is gone, he or she may not even remember the incidence, but you, as a victim, will remember the physical and mental insult, disturbing your mind-set! This may lead to conditions like diabetes, hypertension, which are definitely known to be caused due to stress! Even trivial looking infections like common cold, cough, fever to cancers are known to occur because of harbouring of negative emotions! Do you think it is necessary? 

Louise Hay's book "You can heal your life" is a beautiful example!  Clean your mind and make the slate receptive! Excuse all the people who you feel are against you! They don't matter! Your body is your best partner, who is going to be with you till death, so care for it! Your body heals itself, whether you take remedial medicines or not! It has a fantastic healing mechanism! Fill it with positive thoughts and all will seem and be GREEN and healthy! 

Saint Tukaram very aptly described this so long back, we need to contemplate on it and truly imbibe it in our lifes!

मन करा रे प्रसन्‍न  

सर्व सिद्धीचें कारण । 

मोक्ष अथवा बंधन । 

सुख समाधान इच्छा ते ॥


This festival, let’s not fire crackers, but lets go on the expedition of mind cleaning and


harbouring positive thoughts! 

 Hoping for a GREEN attitude and GREEN life!