Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Broken Promise

We are in the last week of August and yet trying to fight with the present enemy, CORONA! Have we been successful? God Alone Knows! We have lost so many lives, so many still battling! Have we done something wrong? Why is God angry with us? I have penned my feelings about this, in a few lines, hope you will agree with me! 

Hey Mother Earth, please pardon us!
We haven’t been thoughtful, We have been callous!
Unthinkingly and continuously, 
we have grabbed your resources,
We have been selfish,
We have crossed our limits and our senses!

Your green pastures are drunk with chemicals,
Who else, but we, can be blamed for the scruples?
Our bodies are being overloaded with medications,
How can we blame the microbes for the super infections?

SARS, MERS, CORONA are our own doings,
Our aspirations to conquer other human beings!

We know no limits for our greedy endeavors,
We hardly care for you, our environment or the green pastures!
We think of only conquering and only about this moment,
Let others go to hell, who cares?

Our want of things, materials, riches, you bet,
Has crossed all lines of wild despairs!
Your serene water bodies are battered with litter,
Even an iota of conscience would have proved better!

We have even manipulated the genes,
Thinking of producing Gods umpteen!
How imprudent could we be,
Does one behave such, even with an enemy?

It was a promise, to live here a safe and peaceful life indeed,
But a broken promise is the sole thing we have achieved!

Prof. Dr. Mrs. Jaya Kurhekar,
Green Blogger