Friday, April 10, 2020


The most modern danger to mankind is Corona, you know?
Once it embraces you, you definitely have no go!

COVID 19 - its common name, is the causative agent,
Its common portal of entry is your nose, as a pathogen potent!

Corona Virus Disease 19 is its full form,
Beware; it is absolutely different from the usual norm!

It is totally secular, knows no caste, creed, color, language or country,
It needs no visa, neither passport, for its entry!

It catches you unaware, puts you in wild despair,
Be careful what you touch, where you go, what you do,
Your actions unwittingly, your defenses may undo!

Hugs can be poisonous; handshakes can be a curse,
The virus may tiptoe in and use your body, too dangerous!

It enters when your immunity is low,
You can then do nothing, except in front of it, just bow!

Drink a lot of hot water and tea,
Citrus juices, curcumin and vitamins, is a remedy!

Revert back to nature, get good sleep,
Good home cooked food and meditation deep!

Sunshine is good, so is hygiene and cleanliness,
Its good time to pray and energy to harness! 

It pulls down your resistance, makes you susceptible to other conditions,
The best thing is to keep away, keep all others and contacts at bay!

If you are careless, you wouldn't know what is happening, 
Why you are feeling miserable, your whole world is crumbling?

It gives extreme pain and may dampen you gradually, a lot you will have to endure,

Dr. Jaya Kurhekar,
Green Blogger