Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dear Corona!

Respected Dear Corona,


You will be surprised about the way I addressed you, respected Corona!

Matter of fact, I truly respect you! You made your appearance on the global scene, sometime in January, that too in China, the country which aims at becoming a super power! You tiptoed your way into the life s of the Chinese and literally swept a large number off their feet, sending them to the hospital beds. You collapsed their health system but as human beings are inherently strong and brilliant, they have come out of your sweep today! 

You love travelling, don't you? You roamed around from there through human vectors, to various countries, enjoying the airports and the flights and the air conditioned lounges and get together s and took pleasure in residing in various human hosts. Of course, those who were poorly immune, succumbed to you and you created a panic! You are truly a secular, non believer individual, making anyone's body, "A HOME SWEET HOME", irrespective of color, caste, creed and country! Of course, you give them a breathing time of 11 to 14 days and then ravage their bodies, as if it were a boxing ring! 

I respect you also because you have taught a lesson to us human beings, which no one else could do till today! We think we are too great, we know everything, no one can beat us and our brains but you have defied all of us! At least today, you are the super power! We are scared, we are at our homes, we are helpless and we have self quarantined ourselves! You are a winner! 

And lo behold, you are just a nano particle, measured in nano meters, lifeless outside human body but strong once you enter our cells! You are a believer who becomes one with us, when you unite with us, just like a believer becomes one with god, once he meditates. 

You have so many virtues dear corona, except for the fact that you have presently defeated us, made us helpless! See how you have, in a way, united the whole world, in their fight against you! This is global unity, right? All are busy finding an antidote for the infection caused by you, all want to help the infected, in one way or the other! 

All have, at present, kept the political, financial, caste and creed based issues aside and are praying for your victims. You have shaken the humanity from the core! 

In a way, thank you dear corona but it's enough now! You have made your point, you have won! You have made us introspective, we have realized that we have upset the nature's balance. We have been very greedy and we have tried to snatch everything from the natural resources, unthinkingly! We haven't even cared for our next generations. 

We need to rethink and recuperate! I promise you, we will do whatever best we can! Please spare us today! We will take care of our environment and bring back the balance! We have observed how, in the last few weeks, the humans are hiding behind their doors and how all birds and animals are breathing freely! We wish to bring back the harmony! 

Will you please listen to my plea? 

Take some nice rest dear Corona, 
Let us breathe freely, with the flora and fauna, 
We promise to really behave ourselves, 
To care for others and precious resources, 
We will take care of the beautiful surroundings, 
Will care for coming generations and other living beings! 
Kindly spare us now, dear Corona, 
Excuse our sins, Hume maaf karon na? 

Always yours,

 A desperate citizen of the world!  

Dr Jaya Kurhekar,
Green Blogger