Sunday, April 21, 2019


Can you hear it? 
It's loud and clear..... 
Can you see it? 
It's in front of you, dear...... 
Can you smell it? 
It's just below your nose...... 
Can you feel it? 
You really are too close....... 
Mother Nature is warm and loving, 
She just can't stop worrying and caring, 
She is trying to give small clues, 
She is calling out to all, irrespective of castes and hues, 
It's time, we listened to her pleas, 
It's time we took heed and our actions cease, 
She wants us to be very discreet and sensible, 
With the natural resources bestowed on us, incredible! 
She is the same, ever loving, ever giving .......... 
But we differ, in our greed and ever receiving.......... 
Our needs have increased, so also our desire, 
Our want for luxuries, our appetite on fire! 
Our future generations will suffer, if we don't take care, 
We have to collect our senses, behave ourselves and beware. 
Water sources are depleting, so is our green treasure, 
We have harmed the environment, beyond any measure, 
But yet the time is not lost, we can still love and care, 
Revert the degradation, with thoughtfulness and avoid despair! 

Dr Jaya Kurhekar 
Green Blogger