Friday, April 26, 2019


O God! A worshipper pleads,
Please remove your hands from your hips,
Touch the sky and the clouds,
Click on a dark cloud, with a mouse,
And wet my village and surrounds.
No gold or silver, I want,
Just bring rains to wet my environ,
It’s my plea sincere,
Don’t disappoint me,
O my Lord, dear!
Totally amused,
God smiled and sighed,
Now you are asking me to bring rains,
You don’t want any material gains,
But pray tell me who the culprit is?
Who has spoilt the earth, by cutting down all the trees?
Who has made the land barren?
In want of progress and unthinking of the long run?
Now listen to me and to what I say,
Abandon your greed and love Nature, I pray!
Don’t close your eyes and merely pray,
Open your eyes and let them sway,
Remove your ear plugs,
Listen to Mother Earth crying,
Fulfil your duty of being a good son and a human being.
Awaken every person and plant a tree,
Without that, don’t come seeking for me.
Each mountain, each pass should look green and grand,
On Earth, proudly tall, it should stand!
I have been standing on a brick mere,
For twenty eight light years my dear,
Trying to spread this message clear,
But my innocent disciples turn a deaf ear,
They just touch my feet,
And carry home my “Prasad” to eat !!!

Composer: Dr. Mrs Jaya Kurhekar
Green Blogger