Thursday, December 28, 2023

Railway Museum Snoqualmie

Snoqualmie Railway Museum, King County, Washington  

The Northwest Snoqualmie Railway Museum, in King County, Washington is a state heritage, a historic depot with an exhibit hall, library, a collection care Centre. It has approximately more than 130,000 visitors per year.


It is one of the largest and oldest railway museum in Washington State which is actively in operation. It is based a huge area and boasts of a significant collection of railway artifacts and equipment including more than 70 exhibits of locomotives, passenger and freight cars, and specialized railway equipment. It has holidays and other times Antique train excursions operating according to the season, on weekends.


Its mission is to develop and operate an outstanding railway museum where people will be able to experience the excitement of an actual working railway, observe, see and understand the role of railways in the development of Washington State and surrounding areas.

It is built on the traditional lands of the Snoqualmie Tribe; the Museum’s railway running through their land, which is, since time immemorial, sacred to the tribes' beliefs, values, and heritage .


It was built in 1890, at 38625 S.E. King St. Snoqualmie, Washington by Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway (SLS&E) on a less than one acre land. The heritage railway incorporates five miles of the line constructed in 1889 by SLS&E; SLS&E was later absorbed by the Northern Pacific. It has a Victorian Architectural style.


A few of the pictures of the exhibits have been displayed here by me. Each exhibit is unique and different in its own way. We can see how railways have developed over the years and these exhibits have been in use, in those eras. It is well maintained and we can also buy small memoirs from the shop in the premises.  We also enjoyed yummy, steaming Mocca and Latte coffee across the road. It’s a must visit, if you happen to go to Seattle !


Prof. Dr. Jaya Kurhekar

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