Wednesday, December 29, 2021

December and January!


December and January!

As we come to the end of this year, I cannot help but express my apprehension as to what 2022 has in store for all of us! Nevertheless, lets hope it brings health and well being for all! 
Here's the end of a nightmare and beginning of a sunny year, in my words, comparing December of every year with January the beginning of every year, though, specially so, those of 2021 and 2022! 


                                                                   December and January!

December and January are beautifully related,

Intricately woven, though side by side, in happiness and sorrow;

One, a story of wonderful memories of yesterday,

And the other holding new promises for tomorrow!


Both deeply mystique and both quite delicate,

Both travellers of time, both sufferers of fate!


Both put up with same faces and same colour,

Same calendar, similarly chilly and yearning amber;

Though with different identities and styles,

Different approaches, with frowns and smiles!


One is the festive end and other the hopeful beginning,

As morn emerges from night and night from dewy morning!

One stores memories and the other stores hopes,

One ardently experienced and other loaded with faithful strokes!


Both connected with each other,

Like two ends of a string chord,

Though far away but maintaining closeness,

As two peas in a green pod!


One who lets go of December, is embraced by January dearly,

December follows up in faith, the January resolutions fairly!

Eleven months go by, for reaching December from January, the first,

But it takes just a fraction of a moment to cross, December to January robust!


When they both are far apart, they are witnesses to so many happy and sad events,

But when they come close together, they span and change the whole year in special moments!


They look like just two common months of a common year,

But are capable of turning everything upside down or encompassing all together!


Together, January and December hold all months together in a string of days,

Giving the world a reason to celebrate, when they truly part their ways!


Prof. Dr. Jaya Kurhekar,

Green Blogger