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It is true that you have to see it, to believe it! This Ramnavami, falling on Sunday, 10th April, 2022 was a special one for us, which was the epitome of our spiritual anubhootis! An everlasting, never to be experienced again, episode in our life, which was totally unplanned and it was as if planted by SOMEONE, for us to live-in!


We reached Rameshwar, replacements for two drop-outs; on 9th April 2022. We had started memorizing Ramtandaw, praising Lord Shri Ram in Sanskrit. It was planned that about 1200 women clad in white, with lights in their hands would chant it at sunrise on Ramnavami, at Dhanushkodi, the southernmost tip of India, from where Shri Ram had initiated the Setu from India to Shri Lanka, in search of Sita!


Rameshwar was a blazing 40 degree centigrade, when we practised the Shivling arrangement, on 9th April, at hotel Blue Corals. It started raining, as it is a coastal region, very humid; scurrying everyone to move indoors. 

Arrived 10th April, Ramnavami, waking us at 2 am. We bathed and assembled at 3 am. Seated in respective buses we reached Dhanushkodi, around 18 kms from Rameshwar! Dr Kurhekar was the head of the medical team, heading towards Dhanushkodi in an ambulance. 

Around 4 am, mesmerized and driven by an inner force, we assembled to form our Shivling arrangement, taking our designated places. A lot of time and energy had gone into this planning by the organisers, specifically Madhuri Sahastrabuddhe, New Delhi. 1200 mothers from all over India had come to this auspicious place, on an auspicious day, for an auspicious event, to pray for global peace! 

Sunrise was predicted at 5.50 am and at 5.30 am we all were asked to be silent and peaceful and perform Namsmaran of our own favorite deity! 


Exactly at 5.50 am Sun God made appearance and we, with all our being started chanting the Ram Tandaw! Hardly about 12 mins, but the environment was full of positive energy and vibes, an unforgettable mesmerizing experience! I can still feel the goose bumps, after a week! It started and it ended, leaving us and the environment speechless, the energy sinking in! 


The descendants of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Shri Raja Babaji Raje Bhosale, residing in Tanjore, Vice Chancellor of Tanjore University, Prof. S. Vaidhyasubramaniam graced the occasion. We could not help but capture the beautiful moments in our mobile cameras. The rocky beach at Dhanushkodi, from where Shri Lanka is just 14 kms away, was clean and neat. We spent a few beautiful moments there with our near and dear ones!

What impressed me most was the clean and fresh environment, tar road till the southernmost tip of India, sparkling clean waters and beach! May God listen to our prayers and bless us with Global Peace!

At the Dhanushkodi beach!

At the National Emblem Statue at Dhanushkodi

                                                        Wide coverage in local newspapers

Prof. Dr. Jaya Kurhekar
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