Friday, February 26, 2021


  1.  Again talking to you after a long time; wondering where the world is going and when all this would be an ended chapter? I am sure, all of you feel the same way as I do; I am waiting for that moment, when I would very safely be able to say, "Thank God, the bad chapter is over! Now we can look forward to a greener earth and a greener hope!" Very unfortunately, the chapter doesn't seem to be closed as yet! We still remain to pay the heavy price for all the chaos that we have created. The brighter side is that, as human beings we have been endowed with an intelligence that no other species on the earth has and we can create heaven or hell, with that intellect! Choice is ours!  

    We are powerful! Each one of us is equal to a thousand, provided we make use of our inner strength! We are filled up to the brim, with an inner power, of which we are unaware. 

    It is an age old experience that we are, what we think! So if we think we are, we are; if you think positive, positive will happen; if you crib, you will be handed over with more cribbing! If you feel that someone has insulted you, it’s your own feeling, may be that was not meant to be! The feeling itself will leave you insulted, having a negative impact on your body and mind! If you feel you have been wronged; look at the other side, maybe you will change your perception! 

    We are humans, brought up in a particular way, trained to think in a particular way! We can train ourselves to be positive, think positive and make positive happen! Affirmations can help us! Affirmations are positive statements you can keep saying to yourself! They help us to rewire our brains to think uniquely and differently, to think what and how you want it to think.

    Changing our habits will help us be positive. This will make our vision and the world positive! Nature has given us abundantly and it is our duty to maintain it, preserve it and see that it blooms! Keep saying positive things, keep repeating them; when we believe in them, nature will help us achieve them. 


    My favourite affirmatives are;

    Whatever is happening is for my good!

    Whatever happens is by the will of God and he has better designs for us!

    No one can hurt me, because no one is negative, the situation may force us to think otherwise, but basically all are intentionally good! 

    I love all and likewise people love me!

    One wrong doing never changes a lifetime of good work! 

    I am happy and satisfied and I can see happiness around me! 

    Every dark cloud has a silver lining and I will wait for it! 

    I am changing for the good and that’s great!

    I can see the good in every circumstance.

    Each one of us can think of many more; pen them down and keep repeating them, it will miraculously turn true!

    Happy mind changing!


    Green Blogger:

    Dr. Jaya Kurhekar