Thursday, December 31, 2020

A year that was!!!



Hi dear friends,

I truly feel lost on this last day of the year 2020! When I turn back and introspect, I wonder if I really did go through 2020? I am sure all of you will identify with me, when I say, this year never came! But all said and done, we are on the threshold of 2021, bidding a farewell to 2020! We have lost many things and gained a lot too! I pen here my feelings, with a heavy heart, hoping to witness a new dawn, with new hopes! 


One such year was truly here!!!!

One such year was truly here,

Difficult to believe but it’s true,

When we all were aghast,

Till March 2020, nothing we knew!


Marching came a tiny being,

It took us all for a ride,

Neither could we do anything,

Nothing was in our hands, to decide!


Little did we know, what was going to happen?

How we take everything for granted,

Our whole life was to change,

Nothing was as we desired or as we wanted!


There was no aroma of pickles,
Neither a cup of ice cream and cake,
No shops of sugarcane juice,
Neither a glass of mango shake!

No one gave wedding invitations,
Neither were we called for the preceding eve,
No chance of paying heartfelt homage visits,
Neither could we attend death rituals and express grief!

There wasn’t an expectation of branded apparels,
Neither was wanted expensive makeup,
Neither did we buy costly shoes,
Nor got gold jewellery made up!

No one bought railway tickets,
Neither bus reservations were hooked,
Empty were all hotel rooms and
Neither were any flights booked!

No chance of visiting maternal abodes,
Neither the taste of mother’s cooking,
No visits to friends’ places,

No get-togethers or outings!

There were no temple bells,
Neither the squabbles for worship queues,
Nor did we donate at piers,
Neither were we fed holy laddoos!

Though many good things the year brought,

It made us think and collect our thoughts,

It made us look inside and introspect,

It made us look at everyday things with respect!


It showed us how to live at home,

To live with minimum and demand less,

It taught us self-dependence and self-help,

To do more and expect crisis to face!


It showed us how important health is,

How fitness counts and immunity develops,

How to indulge in proper, healthy eating

And what to eat and how it envelops!


The year brought us closer,

As family members and friends,

It showed us how significant it is,

To have a shoulder that befriends!


Things we never had time for,

Would take up any time, we assumed!

Books became important,

So also hobbies were resumed!

 The students were at home,

But teachers met them online,

Teaching continued,

With full vigour and in time!


Conferences and Seminars halted,

But zoomed in Meet and Zoom,

Proving once again,

How man overcomes doom!


Many business endeavours halted,

But many flourished,

God was visible,

In doctors, nurses, health workers and police!


It was a year that,

Brought forth the fact,

That never is all lost and

Keeping together keeps all intact!


It was year that brought anxiety,

Depression, uneasiness and poverty,

It stressed the importance of meditation,

Belief and faith in our beloved deity!


The year once again stressed before us,

That environment is God!

The more you tamper with it,

The more you will face the odd!


This 2020 will always be remembered,
As a year never awaited,
One such year was truly here,
Neither anyone dreamt, nor baited!

Dr Jaya Kurhekar

Green Blogger