Monday, March 8, 2021


Me; a woman!

Like every year, the International woman’s day is just round the corner, beckoning me to pay heed! Do we truly need a day like this; a day when we are thought about, we are felicitated and honored? No, that’s not my idea of a woman’s day! Rather every day is a women’s day; just imagine a day without a woman and realization will dawn, whether you accept it or not, but a woman plays a major role in whatever is happening in your life, whatever has happened and what is going to happen!

Here are a few lines, which come to my mind, on this day, which I am penning down;

Oh, to be a woman, what joy, what pleasure,

To be the origin of life, a wonderful treasure!

To be very sensitive, to be tolerant,

To be able to enter others’ shoes,

And to other disturbing things, remain ignorant!

It’s nice to be able to think about others,

Their pains, joys and their bothers!

It’s a special attribute of the fairer gender,

Being self-reliant, self-dependent and tender!

Keeping a lot of empathy and patience,

To see the good of family and their abundance!

To work whole day and whole night, if needed,

Worrying about the family unheeded!

She truly can take care of the environment,

In her able hands lies the nature’s empowerment!

Sometimes totally side-tracked, yet being the axis,

Of all the happenings around, bearing the pain and ecstasies!

It’s not easy to be the better half and yet be snubbed,

For each and every failed attempt, on her which is rubbed!

God has, as though, specially created a woman,

Oh God, but she is always the wronged one!

Please take care of her, give her a little respect,

Be aware of her virtues and her every aspect!

What she wishes, is a bit of empathy and sympathy true,

A kind word and kind gesture, to carry her through!

If you really cannot do any of this,

Don’t at least increase her worries please!

Let her be, let her proceed on her own,

She needs you, but can carry on alone!

2021 sets the theme “Choose your Challenge!”

Each and every woman should face the change!

Accept all challenges and set her goals,

Be pro-active and on her able soles!

Nothing can deter her, nothing can stop her,

If she believes in herself and then stops to bother!

Let’s wait for her enlightenment, for her true awakening,

It will then be her step forward; it will be her true beginning!


Green Blogger

Dr. Jaya Kurhekar