Wednesday, December 2, 2020




 Hi all! 

It’s been quite some time since I last conversed with you! Yes, its been a year, very different from the others that we have ever experienced! A year that truly held us at a tenterhook, a year that was totally unpredictable and a year that doesn't know what is coming up next? We all are in a fix, we don't know what's coming up next and how do we take it all? 

What best can we do in such a situation?

I believe what we can do is "BE HAPPY!"

It’s a great wealth to be able to be happy! It is a function of Positive Thinking, some Special Skills, a Great Mindset and Active Actions! I know it’s difficult in adverse situations but then, what's the harm in trying?

I have tried out some things, which I am putting down before you, see if it helps? 

First thing we can do is not to think about the past or the future and Live in the Moment!

Stressing about the past doesn't make one happy and worrying about the future wouldn't make one happy! Let’s try to focus our energy on the present. The present moment is the only one we have and we can do something about it! We can learn from our past errors but without lingering on it and we can plan for the future without getting too involved in it! 

Every moment is a gift from God, so let's cherish it and focus on the good that's happening in this moment! Let us thank God for that He has given us which many do not have! 

Happiness is inborn, innate, inside us, it can’t be concocted! Its in our own hands to be happy! Create your own happiness by being grateful and living in "NOW!" 

Bless me and my people, my God,

Give me strength to face all odd,

I would remain grateful to you,

For keeping me satisfied and happy,

In the sense true!


Green Blogger

Dr. Jaya Kurhekar