Friday, March 13, 2020


Environment goes very much hand in hand with Minimalism! Minimalism is living with minimum requirements. This concept is not new, neither is it unused. There are individuals on this planet who believe in living life, using minimum possible things and live it well!
Flying high becomes difficult, if we are loaded with unwanted things or in other words, garbage! Many a times, we accumulate things, thoughts which are not important for life! We tend to lose our freedom, protecting and preserving things, which we think are ours! This snatches our real happiness! If we really wonder what our minimum requirements are, we realize that we are possessing much more than what we need!
As Socrates rightly said, “The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more but in developing the capacity to enjoy less”. It’s our attitude of collecting things, may be wanted or unwanted, thinking that it may be needed sooner or later, that leads us to accumulating trash, in a way, making our “Home Sweet Home” a place of storage! If we get too much involved in non-living things and think of them, spend time for them, spend energy in preserving them, we may lose our time, which we may have otherwise spent for our happiness! We see so many examples regarding this, which will immediately appeal to all of us. We acquire so many clothes, shoes, accessories, which we then rarely use or rather their turn comes after a long time. And moreover, we tend to preserve the older things too, increasing the loads on our wardrobes, shoe racks and cupboards. We build huge houses, few rooms in which are always closed or maintained for those, who rarely turn up! We have three four sets of things like TVs, pen drives, laptops, other gadgets, which we do not use at all. We have more vehicles in the house, than the number of residents. When we spend time to keep the house neat and tidy, we have trouble keeping these things in order. Sometimes, they may clutter the house. Their maintenance becomes costly, as we are paying the maids for cleanliness, paying for electricity bills, petrol, diesel or whatever is required! We are definitely adding a load in the environment! Whenever we get an urge to buy something, we should think twice, thrice, four times, before buying, as to whether it is required or not!
A thing which has not been used for a long time must be considered as a thing unwanted! It may be more required by someone else! In such a situation, it must be given away to someone who needs it more and will be of help to that person! While leading our life, we need only about a hundred things, which are of dire significance. Otherwise these things are truly useless stuff. The lesser the useless stuff we possess, the more will be the freedom we experience!
We will be freer, have more time for our loved ones and for our health, for our hobbies and have a better environment around!
If you talk to a person who is an expert in science of architecture, one who advises about how to keep your house peaceful and holy, he will also advise you to keep it clutter less! So let us pledge to be a  minimalist!

We can change our habits and behavior in such a way that we can use minimum, want less, utilize less, hence save more!!! This will be an environment friendly behavior, where one needs less and saves resources!

Best wishes!

Green Blogger
Dr. Jaya Kurhekar