Monday, February 10, 2020

Beautiful Konkan Beaches!

It was the 21st of January 2020! We all from our department visited Konkan, the beautiful west coast of Maharashtra for excursion. Konkan is a treasure house of microbiological samples, the marine flora, the drift wood, the moss on the beach, the variety of trees, Alphonso mangoes packing units and what not! It was a cold, misty morning, when we set out at about 5.30 in the morning. We reached Kunakeshawar, the famous Shiva temple, on the sea beach, at about 12 noon. Its a pleasure ride to Konkan, with all its natural beauty! I have been going there, off and on, as my grand parents stayed there. What made me write this blog, is something very positive! I had accompanied my students to the same place, Kunakeshwar, in 2015 and the imprint the beach created on my mind was of a dirty, plastic strewn beach! It was only because of my students'insistence that I wetted my feet in the Arabian sea! It was a miserable sight and I had felt very sad, the feeling still strongly etched on my mind! 
But, to my big surprise, this time, the beach was clean and beautiful! I couldn't help but wonder, what had led to the change?
The same thing happened when we reached Malwan beach by evening! It was clean, neat, beautiful and inviting! We experienced the beautiful sunset and played in the sea water. It was extremely enjoyable and refreshing!

What came to my mind was that WE CAN DO ANYTHING, IF WE WANT TO!

We Indians are a sincere, hard working lot, but our priorities are not very defined! We have to focus now on this environmental awareness! We have to bring back all the beauty, which we had, once upon a time! We have to spread this message! The least we can do is, not spoil what is good, if we can't repair, the disturbed! Isn't it easy? And mind you, it will help!

Dr Jaya Kurhekar,
Green Blogger