Monday, September 2, 2019

Mother's wrath!

She dances through the city happily and merrily,
Taking twists and turns, feeding her bank gulley.
Usually she is calm and in happy mood,
Playfully irrigating as many fields as she possibly could.
She is the mother of one and all,
Bringing fertility, stability, prosperity for big and small.
Her waters are flowing, clean, calm and quiet,
She comes from the mountains, thirty three rivers in her unite!
But slowly the human babies whom she nurtured,
Have started throttling her veins, getting her waters captured,
Unnaturally, unhygienically, unthinkingly they have blocked her playful streams,
Built houses, farm houses, hospitals, theatres unto the brink.
In the want of riches, luxuries and accessories,
They have dumped plastics, bottles, undegradables in her tributaries!
She doesn't know where to turn and how to reconcile,
Her waters are miserable, her mind in turmoil!
She is fed by heavenly rains and mountain waters,
Which sometimes go beyond her quarters!
Confused, she flows wherever she can,
Taking all under her Wings, rich, poor and clan!
Blessed as she is, she blesses others too,
Bringing in greenery, as she flows through!
But how long can she do that, how long can she bear?
When everything goes beyond measure,
She has nothing in her control, but to despair!
She runs wild, she gets bloated unlimitedly,
She has no choice, she tries to shrink her body repeatedly!
Her wrath knows no one, when she herself frays here and there,
Finding her way through the banks, fields, city and buildings in despair!
Think, where can she really go, where can she really turn?
When we have blocked all her space, unaware of consequences in the long run!
We curse her when she encroaches our dwellings,
But are we really not responsible for her sufferings?
We remember God, when the situation is odd,
We start believing in Divine Force, when there is no hope or recourse!
It's no use thinking after the disastrous calamity,
Let's repair the doings and get blessed by the almighty!
Illegal constructions should be a strict no no,
Dirtying her waters clearly has no go!
Regular checks by the concerned are truly indicated,
Rehabilitating those, residing very close, is a need to be completed!
We need to respect her natural beauty,
Not interfering with that is our prime duty!
We will then be fit for almighty's blessings,
Mother nature will care for us with all her bloomings!
Dr Jaya Kurhekar, 
Green Blogger