Friday, August 16, 2019

When she leaves her bed!

Sangli and Kolhapur are two cities in Maharashtra, India, which witnessed a once in a life time natural disastrous calamity of floods from 5th August 2019 to 12th August 2019, which displaced thousands of people, animals and hundreds losing their set up businesses, watching them literally go down the drain, with their every day bread and butter! This was the worst situation in the past 100 years wherein large areas of land was under water, spreading panic and fear.
Rural economy has collapsed with the floods, breaking the backbones of small businesses.
Reclamation of land, canals, illegal constructions, total casual attitude towards indications by nature, over confidence, reasons are numerous!
River left her bed, entered the city, finding her way around, however she could. With her, she brought back to land, all the things we had gifted her, like plastics and bottles, carcasses and debris.
She was strangled, she couldn't breathe freely, her vessels were constricted or pressure closed, she was restless! To top it all, it rained so heavily that God blessed the golden belt of Maharashtra with rains, not experienced even in Cherapunji, the highest rainfall region in India!
The effects were disastrous! Loss of dwellings, loss of life, crumbling of economy, the regions have gone back at least five years, in progress!
Once again, we have to introspect and admit, if only to ourselves, as to who is to be held responsible for all this?
Are we going to learn, are we going to rectify our mistakes? Are we going to understand nature and it's ways?
 Jaya Kurhekar, 
Green Blogger