Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Bucket list



Have you ever created a bucket list before? As an ardent environment awareness fan, I believe that you must include the following ideas in your bucket list and try fulfilling each, whenever and wherever you can! When we put our ideas in black and white, it becomes a motivation for us! It helps to keep your goals alive in your thoughts and instigate you to act!

In the present world of pandemic and environmental crisis, we must think a hundred times, of what happiness nature has bestowed on us, what we have experienced and what legacy we are leaving behind for our children! It’s their right too, to be blessed by a beautiful surrounding and enjoy it’s bliss! So let’s get going about it!


·       Trees are our benefactors, try to plant a tree whenever you can.

·   Preserve all seeds after eating fruits and sow them in an appropriate place in an appropriate manner.

·       Protect all those plants that you have planted.

·      Gift plants, whenever you have to gift something.

·     Think about your surroundings in your leisure time and think of how you can constructively add to it.

·       While throwing anything on the road, think twice if you are doing the right thing?

·     Never never spit on the road or perform your daily chores on the road; you are spoiling the health of others.

·      Do not throw plastic on the road as it stays for thousands of years without getting degraded.

·      Our rivers are our life lines, don’t litter them, don’t spoil them; keep their banks clean so that you can enjoy their beauty!

·      All degradable waste can be used in your gardens as fertilizer.

·       Do not waste water or electricity, it is precious, it is the property of our nation.

·     Travel all over the world and learn about how they preserve and protect their environment; try to implement their small though very important ideas in your daily life.

·      Whenever you go to any tourist place, keep it clean and tidy and avoid, “Let them not say and say it to their shame, that all was fine and clean, until you came!”

·      Do spread this message.


Green Blogger

Prof. Dr. Mrs. Jaya Kurhekar