Saturday, November 16, 2019


Hibiscus rosasinensis (Shoe flower) says,

I am a favorite of Lord Ganesha, 
my life is short but I spread color and radiance,
I am good for long and black hair,
I am thankful for my existence! 

Nelumbo nucifera or Lotus quotes,

I am the national flower of India,
I come in attractive blue and pink colors,
I float in water, adorn goddesses,
I beautify the waters of ponds and rivers!

A Rose (Rosa rubiginosa) says,

Pink, Mauve and Red being royal,
I boast about my colorful apparels,
I don't cry at the drop of a hat, 
I smile amidst thorny beds!

Magnolia champaca or Champak says,

I spread fragrance through my golden tiara,
a favorite of all, 
I peek through green leaves,
I drop my petals as I grow old,
But my fragrance speaks!

Mogara (Jasminum sambac) says,

I give out very sweet aroma,
I wear pure whites,
Never boast about yourself,
the fragrance of virtues always travels miles!! 

Tagetes erecta, or Marigold

I am blessed with a golden hue,
I am always fresh and remain new,
I can stay fresh for about five days,
A prestigious part of garland and worships,
I am a must always!

Tabernaemontana Divaricata or Crape Jasmine says,

I wear white always,
I live for two three days,
I am a favorite of Lord Shiva,

I believe in freshness!

Periwinkle or Vinca minor says,

My pink hues attract all,
I am an antidote on cancer,
I never frown and sulk and cry,
But keep smiling while laughing high!

The Night blooming jasmine or Queen of Night Rajanigandha
(Cestrum nocturnum) says,

I am delicate white,
blooming only in the night,
Don't get scared of darkness,
Sometimes its a boon in disguise! 
Dr Jaya Kurhekar
Green Blogger